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It Means UNITY! In order to unify with others you first have to Unify With Yourself! You are Us, and We Are You. Be Apart Of The Movement And Join Us Today!

Latest from the ISOKAN Blog

Success Comes From Starting Small

ISOKAN started with a small idea. This idea was to make the community better but do it in a way that every person could have a positive impact. Starting October 2019 we ran a simple survey asking people what they thought the community needed. Going door to door we found out quickly exactly what The…

An Outsider Looking Into Sanderson

My name is Aaron Brown. I moved to Baker County 1 year ago July 15th 2019. My wife, Porsha Brown, and I built a new home on Gaskins Circle, Sanderson Florida. Being from a small town myself in East Texas I was excited about the slow pace of the country life. When I moved here…

Pride, Power, And Productivity

I think we all know what Pride is, when we here it. It’s the feeling we get when our daughter gets straight A’s. It’s the upright back and chest puffed up. It’s the freshly washed paid off truck. It is the son who gets his first job. We understand this feeling of pride very well.…

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