Pride, Power, And Productivity

I think we all know what Pride is, when we here it. It’s the feeling we get when our daughter gets straight A’s. It’s the upright back and chest puffed up. It’s the freshly washed paid off truck. It is the son who gets his first job. We understand this feeling of pride very well.

Sometimes our environment makes us feel ashamed to have pride. It could be due to our religious upbringing, personal insecurities, or even just limitations in the mind of family members or love ones.

However, pride is a necessary emotion brought about by the concept of OWNERSHIP. When we Own something, we take Pride in seeing it improve and we typically want to enhance its PRODUCTIVITY. However before someone or something becomes Productive, the entity or being must first know they have the POWER to bring about Change. Being Productive inherently means that you have committed to some of the following ideas. “It is not Ok, How It Is”, “Things Can Get Better”, “I Can Improve”, “I Will Change”, “I Got To Get It”, “No One Can Stop Me”. The previous phrases were Statements Of ACTION. Almost willing something into existence. When you can will a thing into existence by your work and effort, you have been blessed with POWER.

Everyone has a little bit of power within themselves. It only starts with having the belief that you can achieve your goals and then WORK to make them a reality. I hope that by reading this you will take Pride in what you can control, use the Power you have inside, to bring more Productivity to your self family and community.

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