Success Comes From Starting Small

ISOKAN started with a small idea. This idea was to make the community better but do it in a way that every person could have a positive impact. Starting October 2019 we ran a simple survey asking people what they thought the community needed. Going door to door we found out quickly exactly what The People Thought. So we didn’t reinvent the wheel. We did exactly what the people said they wanted and honestly one year later and it seems like we are making an impact.

Now we need to focus on Membership Gains (50 dedicated and fully qualified members) due to us now having a structured platform. Also from 2020-2021 we want to build up the funds in the ISOKAN Foundation to $10,000 and Build our Mentorship Program to have at least 10 dedicated mentors. Lastly we plan to build our first ISOKAN Community Life Area. This area will have a Playground, Park Benches, Garden, Tutoring Building/Daycare, and Basketball Court.

We also plan to make 10 people Completely Debt Free by January 01, 2022. Fortunately there are many difficulties in life so ISOKAN will always have Work To Do! Be blessed and lets get to work!!!

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