When You Join Something,

Shouldn’t You Know What You’re Joining???

Why Do I Need To Understand What I’m Apart Of?

To many times we join parties, groups, and organizations, without really knowing what it is all about. We have all been guilty of signing up for subscriptions or new services without reading the fine print.

In ISOKAN, we want everyone to have a thorough knowledge of what we stand for and what we value before you join. This is so you know exactly what you are getting into. Also so we know that you are the right fit. Not everyone wants to give Respect. Not everyone wants Order. Not everyone demonstrates Loyalty. Not everyone values Family. Not everyone you can Trust. However, Everyone in ISOKAN gives Respect, appreciates Order, displays Loyalty, will treat you as Family, and prides themselves on being people you can Trust.

Your Membership Test

Wait I have to take a test? Yes! In order to go to a new grade in school you had to pass a test. In order to get a diploma or GED you have to pass a test. Whenever we learn anything, life sends us a test to cement what we have learned.

We Pride ourselves on being Productive. The reason why we are so Productive even though we are so small is because we all know what we are here for. We all know we want Power. Power to effect change in our own lives. Power to improve the lives of our family. We also want Power to make our community a safe and decent place to live! This is why we test our knowledge before we join.

Tryout The Test

Once You’re Ready, Join The Family!

Reach Out To Us, We Are Your Family!


We currently meet one day per month.

The meeting is always the last Sunday of the month at 3:30pm.

Time Length

1 Hour


14303 Gaskins Circle, Sanderson, Florida

Contact Info

(936) 615-9174

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