ISOKAN Scholarship Fund

The ISOKAN Scholarship Fund is designed to invest in the education of Black students from the Sanderson Community.

The ISOKAN Scholarship Fund is fully Funded 100% by the ISOKAN Foundation


Established on Feb 3, 2020, The ISOKAN Foundation recognized the need for investment in post high school education.

The Foundation began raising funds for a scholarship fund that would support the needs of African American young adults from Sanderson Florida.

The Fund desires to encourage educated Black Men and Black Women to come back to Sanderson to use their college degrees and talents for the betterment of the community they were raised in.

Baker County Stats

Why This Is Important?


(Baker County) Bachelor Degree or Higher


(Black) Bachelor Degree or Higher


Black People With Bachelor Degree or Higher


(Black) With a High School Diploma or GED

Criteria For, The ISOKAN Scholarship

All Scholarship Applications will have the following; Bio, Essay, and Proof of Enrollment. All interested applicants can request an application form at Below are the criteria:

  • African American / Black
  • Must be enrolled and have completed one semester in at least one of the following: University, College, Jr. College, Trade School, or Apprenticeship Program
  • Must be from Sanderson, Florida

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s All About The Future

“Our children are important and we need to support their education!”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Community Support”

“Your doing a great job with the kids in the community! I’ll support anything your doing cause I know its for a good cause”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Future Dreams”

“If the fund get’s big enough every kid from the community could go to college!”


What Is The Value Of Education?

Let’s Make A Change Together


Mr. Collis Givens | Everett Lawrence Gaskins | Norris Donaldson | Theola McCray | Tony Coleman | Bruce Gaskins | Marie Jones | Duke | Amy Copeland | Mustapha Gaskins | Eartha Lee Gaskins | Robert Jefferson | Phillip Jefferson | Eric Jefferson | Lanod Jefferson | Annette Paige | George Bennett | Mr. Israel | Porsha Brown | Aaron Brown | Nelley Gaskins | Dwyane Jefferson | Anita Jefferson | Kathy Donaldson

Current Total: $1,400

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