An Outsider Looking Into Sanderson

My name is Aaron Brown. I moved to Baker County 1 year ago July 15th 2019. My wife, Porsha Brown, and I built a new home on Gaskins Circle, Sanderson Florida. Being from a small town myself in East Texas I was excited about the slow pace of the country life. When I moved here i realized very quickly some advantages and disadvantages of my new community.

The first glaring advantage is the open spaces and access to wildlife. Living in Las Vegas, NV for 4 years made me really appreciate this drastic improvement. I also noticed that I had the freedom to do almost anything I wanted within reason. I remember seeing my father-in-law bring out some diesel from his back yard. I asked him, “Where are you going with that?” he replied, “I’m going to go scratch around a little bit”. Five minutes later I saw a blazing fire the size of my old high school bon fires on homecoming weekend. The more surprising thing was that no fire department ever showed up. It was at that moment when I knew I had found a level of freedom that I had never experienced in my life. This was a freedom worth protecting.

However, I did notice some negatives. One downside was that there was so much trash. I really had never seen a community that had this bad of a trash problem. It really was everywhere. I also saw there were only 4-5 store businesses in my town. The last issue was that every older person I talked to seemed to have a very low Financial IQ and it seemed like working a job was the only thing people knew how to do.

I am really grateful for ISOKAN and its members because they started doing a Community Clean-Up once a week on Saturday Mornings. This has reduced the amount of trash on Gaskins Circle. Also they started a profitable Daycare, to show it is possible to start a business in the heart of the community.

I want to make my own personal contribution to increasing the Financial Literacy of my community. This was one of the motivations of this blog. Possibly I can post what I have learned and maybe make an impact on my neighbors and their children.

I love my community here in Sanderson! The people here have honestly been so helpful and kind. We have issues like everyone else does but it feels like home filled with family everywhere you turn. But this is just my opinion from an outsider looking in.

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