• Founded October 27th, 2019.
  • Sanderson, Florida
  • isokansanderson@gmail.com
  • 936-615-9174
  • 904-588-3895

So What is ISOKAN All About???

We are Your Neighbors, Your Loved Ones, Your Friends, Your Community. We are headquartered in Sanderson, Florida. We are an Action Oriented people, that don’t make any excuses for failure. We are about WORK and RESULTS!

ISOKAN is a Yoruba Word that means UNITY. It is also an acronym; Independent / Self-Sufficient / Original / Knowledge / Applied / Now.

Core Values: Respect, Order, Loyalty, Family, Trust

Mission Statement: Bring Pride, Power, and Productivity to The Community

Objectives in Sanderson: Create a Clean Environment, Mentor , Enhance Economic Development

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